Born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe , Multi Award-winning rapper Syfo Fame is taking the music world by storm. Inqol Yo Mlilo , new song has been ,all over Amapiano reports, has been storming the electronic music scene for quite some time , since realise . Syfo have a unique style of rapping and fusing with different genres , which have made him created an enormous fan base, according to the report.

Rapper ,Syfo Fame added that he has been gradually taking over the Zim Hip-hop music scene by being artistic and very poetic in his rhymes.. The rapper said he pours his heart out while composing music ,creating beats as a producer and rapping …. This rap is influencing a whole new wave of mainstream music for young talent in the industry.

Contemporary rappers experiment fearlessly to bring a new style and flow to this genre. One such is Yomie Kun , said Syfo … The rapper has actually inspired alot of upcoming artistes to pursue music as most of the young stars get inspired hearing the.

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