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Akazhowa Entertainment Biography



Akazhowa Entertainment is a record label and entertainment company that specializes in promoting and producing music from Malawian artists. The label is known for working with prominent artists in the Malawian music industry, including Lusungu Achu Nyagausi, Emmie Gondwe, Daniel Kabichi, Mr Lee, Limbani Soko, Ika Man, Joel Chibwana, Messi Melton, Peter Malembo mentioned few these are gospel artists featured on [5]. Some of there songs include [5]

1. Mwayenela by Lusungu Achu Nyagausi
2. Akufunika Fire by Mr Lee & Zize
3. Lusungu Lwinu by Limbani Soko
4. Apulumutseni by Emmie Gondwe
5. Mubwera Liti by Daniel Kabichi

You might find more information about Akazhowa Entertainment and its artists on music streaming platforms or by searching online for Akazhowa Entertainment.

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