Dj Mamba Malawi | Biography

Fletcher Nkhata professionally Known as Dj Mamba Malawi was born on 8 August 1982 in the capital city of Malawi but Originally from the north part of Malawi in a small Trading center called Ekwendeni.

He’s now currently based in South Africa in the western cape.
He got interested into the career of becoming a disc jockey (DJ) way back when he was a kid though it was tough
He asked alot of the top local Dj’s to teach him how to mix but his chances were low because some of them refused in giving him a hand, but that never stopped him in his journey of becoming a disc jockey, he got himself behind the dj’s mixing in clubs watching them doing their job up till he gained some skills in his dream career.

Dj Mamba Malawi Born Fletcher Nkhata got lucky and bought himself a dj controller and started to rehearsal all day long in his room, lately he started getting some piece works as a part time disc jockey in few clubs In S.A, so far now he has worked with Top trending artist from Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and even South Africa, he has worked with Dan Lu the afro jam artist from Malawi, the popular Zambian group of the Organised Family and Thembi Mona from South Africa.
He’s now currently working with Malawi wanga Entertainments and there are ready set to drop a mixtape which will feature in alot of upcoming artist

Nyimbo zapa Mwamba…!

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