Female dancehall artist Beanca has become the latest addition to the growing list of musicians doing remixes of what is now dubbed as the ‘Why Challenge’.

Inspired by Eli Njuchi’s latest single Why, a love letter dedicated to his love prospect and fellow artist Sangie, a number of artists have embraced the rhythm of the trending song. And now Beanca has offered her own version albeit with a different slant.

Beanca: I have created a space where girls can talk about their frustrations
Beanca’s version assumes an activist role as the artist tackles the humiliation women go through with the conduct of men who sleep with them and immediately dump them and start going around bragging that they slept with them.

The artist said the message in the song was inspired by real life experiences and she thought it proper to speak on behalf of many other fellow women who have been subjected to similar experience.

“It is hard for us girls to tell our parents or close friends why our previous relationships did not work out. From this song, I have created a space where girls can openly talk about their sexual life and relationship frustrations,” she said.

Beanca said she appreciates the impact and influence that Why has had on the local music landscape, saying it highlights the power that music has to influence society morally, culturally and emotionally.

Local music fan Hastings Ndevu said the manner in which the Why Challenge has gone viral shows the unity that is there in the urban music industry. He said previously there used to be a lot of issues when an artist reproduces other people’s songs.

He said: “This trend has multiple benefits from both the original creator, of the song and the artists doing the remixes. For the original creator it is an endorsement on the concept he created and it also allows other artists to refresh their previous works, thereby maintaining relevance in the trade.”

On his part, Eli Njuchi said it is a blessing to see the reaction and amazing work that fellow artists have put into the Why Challenge.

“The song was meant to create a movement and I am glad it has done that. The idea was to create a space for creatives in using one theme to create different vibes. The talent in the challenge is overwhelming,” he said.


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